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Conveyancing Fees VIC

Everything’s upfront with Settle Easy’s online conveyancing fees.
We’ve made it like this because we know that buying and selling property can be really expensive – it’s just so easy to blow the budget.
There’s so much to take into consideration and from the moment you start saving for your first home deposit, to the day you move in – everything adds up.
At Settle Easy, we work really hard to keep our costs as transparent and affordable as possible, for all our customers.

Fixed Conveyancing Costs

Conveyancing, or the process of transferring property from one person or entity to another is a legal transaction. And it’s something anyone buying or selling property must do.
And like most services, there’s often a big difference in price points between individual conveyancers, law firms and property lawyers.
It can be really confusing knowing who to trust with this transaction – one of the biggest you’ll undertake in your lifetime.
You should also know that our customers are at the centre of everything we do. It’s why we have a set fee for our professional services and make it as affordable as possible – no matter where you live or what sort of property you need help with.

So whether you are buying or selling, at Settle Easy, your conveyancing transaction will cost $1100 (including GST) plus disbursements.

Rest assured, our customer’s needs are at the core of everything we do. So whether you are buying your first home or selling your investment property in Melbourne, Geelong, Shepparton or anywhere in Victoria, our team of expert conveyancers are ready to help.

What are Disbursements in Conveyancing?

When it comes to conveyancing in Victoria, the word disbursements and the expression ‘out of pocket expenses’ are used interchangeably by real estate agents, property lawyers, solicitors and conveyancers, but in reality, they are exactly the same thing.

Whether you are buying a seaside shack, an inner city apartment or selling the family home, every property transaction in Australia will incur some out of pocket expenses that are an everyday part of conveyancing transactions.
These out of pocket expenses are not covered by Settle Easy’s professional fee.
When we help you with your conveyancing needs, our conveyancers and lawyers undertake various searches to complete this work.
At Settle Easy, our property law experts can provide you with an estimate of what these out of pocket expenses are likely to be for your property, just as soon as we know where your property is located and what sort of property it is.
We can only provide an estimate of these costs because every local council and government body in Australia has different fee schedules for these searches and your out of pocket expenses ultimately depend on where your property is located.

Your out of pocket expenses may pay for things like:

  • council and water rates searches
  • planning and heritage searches
  • title and encumbrance searches
  • water meter readings
  • road authority certificates
  • land tax clearance certificates
  • Environment Protection Authority (EPA) certificates
  • owner’s corporation/body corporate/strata title certificates.

When do I pay the conveyancing costs on my property?

You will need to pay for your Settle Easy conveyancing fees at settlement.

Settle Easy Customer Reviews

It’s easy for us to tell you that we offer an affordable professional service that is simple and convenient.
But check out what our customers have to say about us before you make up your own mind.
I had a terrific experience with Settle Easy, primarily due to Christina North who was my conveyancer. It’s a stressful time when you are moving your life to another area and all that goes with it. Christina took all the stress away from it by being clear, patient and readily available to answer any of my questions.
Everything went super smoothly, which I am very thankful for. So big thanks again to Christina and Settle Easy. Renee Young
What a seamless experience during a difficult time. Selling property at any time can be stressful, however during a pandemic it can have even more challenges. Settle Easy made it very easy, pardon the pun, to finalise all that legal stuff. Even if your online knowledge is limited, they have this process professionally presented step by step. I would use them again and recommend them confidently. Janet

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