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We’re in the business of making things easy. By using our simple and convenient online calculators, we can help you learn more about your goals and finances.

Our online calculators are free and easy to use. For any assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Success team on 1800 886 688.

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Free online finance calculators Australia

Finance calculators can help you to budget and plan how much you need to save for a specific financial goal. The benefit of using an online calculator is that you can run several scenarios and see how different variables will affect your results.
The main benefits of online finance calculators are:
settle easy

Save time

Save time and do your calculations from anywhere, whether you're at home or on the go

settle easy

Easy to use

Our easy to use online finance calculators are user-friendly and easy to understand

settle easy

Multiple scenarios

Calculate multiple scenarios and compare different outcomes based on your savings objectives

settle easy

Instant results

Once you enter all the required details, you get instant results which help you make informed decisions

Finance calculators are the best way to compare the different loan options available. You can select loans based on your needs, and choose the product which is most convenient for you.

Finance calculators are available online with greater ease, at times better than you can access them in banks. Loan calculators are not only limited to comparing different loan products. They are also designed for computing loan payments based on loan terms provided by you.

Calculating finance charges is another important aspect of finance calculators which almost all lenders do not disclose separately before taking a loan. This has made it necessary to have online finance calculators readily available for your convenience in order to make an informed decision when applying for a loan.

A good calculator will make sure that you know the exact terms of the loan that you are about to take, including how much interest you will be paying per month or per year, depending on the type of repayment scheme that has been selected by you. With these kinds of tools at hand, you no longer have to accept whatever deal that the lender offers you blindly! Instead, you can get a quick comparison of different deals and pick out the one which suits your needs best.

This can help save both time and money for people who use these calculators wisely.

Settle Easy is bringing conveyancing into the 21st century. Our user-friendly, automated online platform offers you the flexibility to complete your transaction wherever, whenever.

Our expert conveyancers and property lawyers are ready to answer any questions you have. Our conveyancing services are available across Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. So if you are buying or selling property in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns or in the regions, we are ready to help. if you have any questions regarding the calculators or conveyancing in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Success team on 1800 886 688.

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