Referral Fee Disclosure

What is a referral fee?

A referral fee is a sum of money or other reward paid directly or indirectly for the referral of your matter in accordance with a referral or partnership agreement. We may receive referrals, for which we may pay a referral fee. Or we may give referrals, for which we may receive a referral fee.

Does the referral or the payment of the referral fee increase the fees I must pay?

No.  The referral or the payment or receipt of the referral fee has no impact on our professional fee structure, or the fees you must pay to us.

Why pay referral fees?

We use our marketing budget to engage with the wider property industry.  We like to reward those parties who make the administration of our property transactions easier, simpler and more convenient, thereby saving our customers on fees and time. This also means our conveyancing fees remain competitive and our services remain at a high standard.

We make it very clear to referral partners that we owe our obligations and duties to our customers and we do not act on referrals where a conflict of interest exists. 

We do not allow any referrer to influence the nature, style and extent of our engagement.

Do I have to accept a referral?

You are under no obligation to accept a referral to our services, or to third party services we recommend.  You may use the services of an alternative service provider.

For the avoidance of doubt, we are committed to providing the best service to you and will only accept a referral to act for you, or refer you to a third-party service provider, if we believe there is no conflict and you will benefit from the service.