Stamp Duty Calculator

If you’re serious about buying property, there’s a few things you really need to know. Stamp duty is one of those things you must factor in.

In most Australian states and territories, this cost is also known as transfer duty and it’s a tax levied on property purchases including land which is paid to the government. Your stamp duty rate is calculated based on things like the property purchase price, its location and other factors including whether this will be your primary residence.

And no matter where you live in Australia, apart from your deposit, this expense will be a big part of your property budget.

Calculate the stamp duty you may have to pay with our easy to use tool.

Stamp Duty Calculator

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How did we calculate stamp duty?

The Settle Easy stamp duty calculator calculates land transfer duty (stamp duty), based on where the property is located and what sort of purchaser you are. Different rates of duty and fees may apply for vacant land and you should contact the State Revenue Office in your state or territory for how those rates are calculated.

Budgeting for your property purchase

Almost as soon as you start looking closely at buying property, you’ll realise just how expensive home ownership is.

That’s why it’s so important to budget for all the different costs associated with your property purchase including:

Concessions and exemptions

Our conveyancing experts can answer all your conveyancing questions and we’ll ask about your individual circumstances to work out whether a stamp duty concession applies to your property purchase. Or, you might even catch a lucky break on stamp duty and receive a total exemption.

There’s no doubt that when it comes to understanding what conveyancing is all about there’s a lot to learn. And it pays to leave this to the experts who do this sort of work every day.

It’s our job to help you understand stamp duty concessions and exemptions and all conveyancing rules and regulations. We genuinely love nothing more than helping our customers understand how property law will affect them and streamlining the whole conveyancing process.

Your locally based property law professional will explain everything you need to know using simple language and we make ourselves available by phone and email 24/7 because we know our lives don’t fit neatly between the hours of nine to five.
There’s no conveyancing question too big or too small so if you want to know:
  • If a stamp duty pensioner discount will apply
  • Whether you’ll receive an exemption as a first home buyer
  • About a transfer duty reduction
  • What contract dates really mean
  • How payroll tax will affect your property purchase
  • If you are eligible for a government home owner grant
  • How to interpret stamp duty rules and regulations
  • What’s involved if you are buying Australian property as a foreign purchaser

We can help!

It’s important to note that every Australian state and territory has its own set of rules for calculating stamp duty.

For the latest information, visit the relevant government authority:

At Settle Easy, our property lawyers and friendly professional conveyancers can help whether you are a first home buyer, foreign purchaser, regular investor, downsizer or whether the past few years have inspired you to make a sea change or tree change.

We’ll walk you through the rules and regulations that might affect you, and of course, we’ll help you understand how stamp duty will affect you.

We can answer any questions you may have about conveyancing in general and we’ll really look after you and make the complicated process of buying a home as simple as possible.

Online conveyancing makes things so much easier.

You won’t have to take time off work to come and see us in person with a huge bundle of paperwork. Our easy to use digital platform supported by one of our conveyancing professionals will ensure you’ll receive secure online convenience, best customer service and regular communication including live updates so you’ll always know about next steps.

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