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Settle Easy are your online conveyancing experts, providing reliable, secure and transparent property conveyancing in Werribee.
We make conveyancing simple and give you complete confidence when buying or selling property.

Werribee Conveyancing Services


Online conveyancing services

Your conveyancing transaction will happen completely online – it’s convenient and easy.

Experienced professionals

Our first-class team of property lawyers and licensed conveyancers are the best in the business.

Quality service

Our Werribee conveyancing team is dedicated to providing the best customer experience – we’ll exceed your expectations.


Fixed-fee pricing

Our affordable online conveyancing services are set at a fixed price.

Fast turnaround times

Need it fast? We promise we won’t waste your time – we’ll review your contract for free within 48 hours – no strings attached.

24/7 online access

You’ve got complete control. Manage your transaction 24/7 through our online platform, wherever and whenever it suits you.

Our easy-to-use online conveyancing Werribee platform

Whether you’re a first time home buyer, a seasoned investor, an empty nester or anyone in between, our Werribee conveyancers at Settle Easy are ready to help. We understand everyone’s property journey is unique and you’re at different stages of your life. 

We also know the process of buying and selling real estate can be complex and tricky. But we’ll do whatever we can to make it much easier for you. This includes streamlining your transaction with our very own online conveyancing platform. When you log into our automated online system, you can monitor your transaction 24/7, start completing all the necessary and get the answers to all your property law questions when you need them.

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Leading conveyancer Werribee

At Settle Easy, we understand that conveyancing – the legal part of any property purchase or sale – can be complicated. There’s a lot to do and plenty of legal jargon to wrap your head around. 

Our expert property lawyers and conveyancers Werribee team have experience navigating the local property market and everything that goes into completing your transaction. More importantly, we’re equipped with professional indemnity insurance that will cover your costs on the off-chance something goes wrong. We have the training to carefully review your contract of sale, explain what it all means to help you decide whether this property is right for you.

If you have questions about how we can help or conveyancing in general, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our Werribee conveyancing team is here to ensure you understand what’s happening throughout your transaction.

Speak to an experienced conveyancer today

Working with experienced conveyancers will help you eliminate liabilities and potential issues with your property transaction. Our conveyancers are experienced, patient and understanding. We know that conveyancing and legal terminology can be confusing, so we make sure we explain everything as simply and clearly as possible. Why not book a call with an expert Werribee conveyancer at a time that suits you. We can review your contract for free or answer any conveyancing questions you may have.

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Making conveyancing easy

Before you get started, browse our simple and convenient online conveyancing tools.
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Conveyancing checklist

Stay organised across every step of the conveyancing process.

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Finance calculators

Save time with our easy-to-use online calculators.

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Buyer and seller guides

Everything you’ll need to know when buying and selling.

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Customer care solutions

Connect with key services throughout your property journey.

Enjoy great savings on your Werribee conveyancing fees

Many people Google “cheap conveyancing” when they’re looking for a local conveyancer. We don’t blame you – we know that buying or selling property can be expensive. That’s why Settle Easy has decided to offer an exclusive discounted price to make things easier for our customers.

There isn’t a better time to buy or sell residential and commercial real estate in Werribee. So if you are looking for expert and affordable conveyancing in Werribee, Point CookAltona, Williamstown, Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria, we can help you settle easy.

To find out how much your conveyancing could be, check out our conveyancing calculator below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A conveyancer is a professional who handles the legal side of property transactions. They are property law experts with the skills and training to make sure your property transaction goes smoothly. 

From helping you complete your legal paperwork, negotiations between representatives to understanding the inclusions in your contract of sale, we work to prevent costly errors and mishaps. When you want to avoid major problems and complications down the line, it’s always best to hire an experienced conveyancer to assist you.

At Settle Easy, we have the best understanding of the local property market in Werribee. We’ve also created a practical, easy-to-use online platform that takes the pain out of the entire conveyancing process.

Convenient, transparent, straightforward and user-friendly, there’s no better way to get your conveyancing done than with Settle Easy’s online conveyancing system. As a dedicated conveyancing practice, we have relevant experience throughout Werribee’s property market. Our experts are ready to explain everything you need to know about conveyancing and simplify the process for you.

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of property from one person or entity to another. It is a lengthy process where information can get mishandled because of the large amount of paperwork involved and errors can happen. This is true whether you’re buying a residential or commercial property.  

People often assume that hiring a conveyancer will only add to their costs. In reality, hiring a professional conveyancer is an effective risk prevention strategy that minimises your risks. Our experienced conveyancers will streamline your property transaction and identify any problems so you can settle easy.

Conveyancers are all covered by professional indemnity insurance that will protect you on the off-chance something goes wrong. If you choose to do your own conveyancing without it, you will be liable for costs if any issues occur. It’s not worth the risk.

Our expert conveyancers also ensure that all the legal documents in your transaction are correctly prepared for your date of settlement. We’ll make sure absolutely everything is in order so you can settle as planned.

Conveyancing fees in Werribee vary based on the type of property, the complexity of your transaction and several other factors. Rest assured, at Settle Easy we are completely transparent when it comes to explaining our affordable fees. After you’ve requested a quote, our expert team will be happy to provide you with an estimate of what these costs are. We always make sure you get a competitive, fixed price that works for you with no hidden charges. 

When you want a conveyancing service that is reliable, secure and transparent, all of our conveyancing fees are fixed upfront. We’re also more than happy to provide you with a detailed cost breakdown. 

If you’d like a general price estimate before getting started, we also have a simple conveyancing calculator. Or you’d like a more detailed price estimate, contact us to request a quote today.

When you want a conveyancing service that is convenient, affordable and streamlined, we can break down what conveyancing is all about and simplify the entire process for you. You won’t have an easier time buying or selling property than with an experienced conveyancer from Settle Easy.

The following are just some of the competitively priced conveyancing services we offer our customers:

  • Residential conveyancing
  • Commercial conveyancing
  • Investment property conveyancing
  • Large-scale off the plan property developments
  • Retirement village residences
  • Properties within trust structures
  • Properties for self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs)

If you aren’t sure whether your property is included in the above list, simply give our friendly experts a call. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have. Consult with our team of conveyancers and property lawyers at Settle Easy today.

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