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When it comes to Mansfield, Settle Easy’s local conveyancers are the real experts. We know the local Mansfield property market better than most and we can help you settle on the property you’ve either bought or sold really easily.

We’ve been watching Brisbane’s traditionally slow-moving property market continue to rise as we look towards a post-pandemic boom that experts say could fuel a further 15 per cent rise in house prices in the coming year and more than double by the time the 2032 Olympic Games commence.

With a population of roughly 3.7 million, Queensland’s southeast is Australia’s fastest-growing region.

So whether you are considering buying or selling in Mansfield or any surrounding suburbs including:

  • Carina Heights
  • Carindale
  • Wishart
  • Macgregor
  • Mackenzie
  • Mount Gravatt East
  • Upper Mount Gravatt

We can help!

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As a starting point, you might have questions like:

There are, of course, hundreds of other conveyancing questions you might need answers to, but don’t worry, we can help with those too.

What is conveyancing?

In simple terms, conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of property or land from one person to another. If you buy or sell property, conveyancing will be part of that transaction.

Our team of expert local Mansfield conveyancers are all highly trained professionals and take their responsibilities very seriously. We’ll make sure that everyone who completes their conveyancing with us, settles easily.

Our friendly conveyancers can answer all your conveyancing-related questions including anything you need to know about:

  • stamp duty concessions
  • understanding PEXA fees
  • buying property off the plan
  • searches
  • what being ‘under contract’ means
  • what a vendor is
  • buying at auction
  • your settlement date
  • building and pest inspections.
How much does conveyancing cost?

At Settle Easy, you get exactly what you pay for – expert conveyancing at an affordable price.

We work hard to keep our conveyancing fees low and affordable because we know that buying or selling property is not cheap.

Until the end of this financial year – 30 June 2022 – with Settle Easy’s expert conveyancing services, you’ll only pay $880 (inc. GST) instead of $1,100 (inc. GST).

What is stamp duty?

Transfer duty or stamp duty as it’s more commonly known, is a tax or duty that must be paid when you acquire a property – even if you receive that property as a gift or if it is obtained through a company or trust.

Conveyancing fees Mansfield

Our customers often ask us how much stamp duty costs and the simple answer is that stamp duty costs a lot.

Apart from your home deposit, if you buy property in Queensland, stamp duty is likely to be one of your biggest expenses.

And it’s something that is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

It’s important to budget for stamp duty because it’s an expense that is on top of mortgage fees and any other costs that are part of acquiring property.

We recommend you ask your expert conveyancer at Settle Easy to help work out exactly how much stamp duty you will need to pay.

You can also try our easy-to-use free stamp duty calculator. That way, you can anticipate what your stamp duty costs will be and budget accordingly.

If you’d like to know more, we recommend you visit the Queensland Government website that outlines all the finer details of transfer duty and how it might apply to you.

I’m a first home buyer, how will stamp duty affect me?

Stamp duty relief for first home buyers applies to both new build home purchases and existing buildings and is also available on land purchases, where the land is being used to build a new-build property.

Total stamp duty relief is only available on first time purchases, if the value of the purchase is below $500,000. Properties which cost more than this will incur further stamp duty, regardless of whether they are a first home or not.
When it comes to land, for full stamp duty exemptions to apply, that land must be worth less than $250,000.

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At Settle Easy, our customers are at the centre of everything we do and we have worked hard to understand their needs. Every day, we commit to delivering an online conveyancing service that is:

  • expert
  • simple
  • transparent
  • cost-effective.

Our online conveyancing platform is user-friendly and convenient and our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

But don’t take our word for it, see our latest customer reviews and make up your own mind.

For a transaction as big as the purchase or sale of real estate, only trust the experts to help you settle easy.

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