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Conveyancing Fees QLD

If you’ve been searching around trying to find how much you should expect to pay for conveyancing fees in Queensland, look no more.

At Settle Easy, whether it’s an explanation of our fee structure or to help you understand why it’s important to get your contract reviewed before you sign this important document, we’re here to make everything about conveyancing in Queensland simple and easy.

We know that the property journey isn’t always straightforward and there are many considerations along the way. It’s why we work 24/7 to make the legal part of this transaction as transparent as possible. 

What is conveyancing?

In simple terms, conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of property or land from one person to another. If you buy or sell property, conveyancing will be part of that transaction. 

Our team of expert conveyancers and lawyers are all highly trained professionals who take their responsibilities very seriously. We’ll make sure that everyone who completes their conveyancing with us, settles easily. 

There are many stages in the conveyancing process and there is a lot of documentation that must be completed to legally transfer your property – but don’t worry, we’ll do all the hard work to get things sorted for you simply and easily. 

Easy online conveyancing in Queensland

Like many essential services, Settle Easy’s end to end conveyancing platform has arrived at the perfect time. 

And in the same way so many Australians have come to love and expect the convenience of online banking, shopping and even health services, our platform means you’ll be able to log on whenever and wherever it suits you to organise the transfer of the property you have just bought or sold. 

You’ll be updated in real time, every step of the way and you’ll know what you need to do and what’s coming next. 

It’s super convenient and so easy. 

At the back end, we have a team of locally based expert conveyancers and lawyers who can help answer all your conveyancing questions and will guide you through the whole process from beginning to end. 

You’ll be allocated someone who knows the law relevant to your property like the back of their hand and that person will be ready to help you when you need them. 

How much does it cost?

At Settle Easy, you get exactly what you pay for – expert conveyancing at an affordable price. 

We work hard to keep our conveyancing fees low and affordable because we know that buying or selling property is not cheap. 

Our professional fees will stay the same, but you will still have to pay some out-of-pocket expenses also known as disbursements. Check out our quote calculator to find out what you might have to pay. 

What will my out of pocket expenses be?

When it comes to conveyancing, the word disbursements and the expression ‘out of pocket expenses’ are used interchangeably by real estate agents, property lawyers, solicitors and conveyancers, but in reality, they are the same thing.

Whether you are escaping to the beach or investing in an inner city apartment, every property transaction in Australia will incur some sort of out of pocket expenses – it’s just part of all conveyancing transactions.
It’s important to know that these out of pocket expenses are not covered by Settle Easy’s professional fee.
Every property transaction is unique and there are different things your conveyancer or property lawyer will need to find out about your property in order to complete your conveyancing transaction.
They might need to learn more about the water rates, planning and heritage issues and titles and encumbrances and these all involve paying for various searches to find out this information.
There may be a need to organise certificates to find out about water meter readings, roads on or near the property, land taxes, things impacting the environment where your property is located or even things related to the owner’s corporation/body corporate/strata title certificates.
So you can see what we mean by out of pocket expenses.
While we can’t tell you right now what these out of pocket costs will be, our expert local conveyancers and lawyers can provide you with an estimate of these costs just as soon as we know where your property is located and what sort of property it is.
We can only provide an estimate of these costs because every local council and government body in Australia has different fee schedules for these searches and your out of pocket expenses ultimately depends on where your property is located.

Conveyancing help

Whether you are buying or selling property for the first time or whether you are a seasoned investor who has been down this road many times, Settle Easy does conveyancing a bit differently.

We’re upfront about everything we do and take great pride in our emphasis on customer service from the very moment we meet you. We’ll:

  • keep you updated, in real time, every step of the way
  • explain anything you are unsure about
  • really listen to your concerns and respond promptly and professionally
  • recommend additional services and products that we think might help you
  • help you complete all online forms faster and easier than ever before
  • do more than you expect.

What sort of conveyancing do we do?

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying or selling property, our expert local conveyancers and property lawyers specialise in all types of conveyancing including:

  • residential properties
  • large scale off the plan property developments
  • retirement village residences
  • commercial properties
  • properties within trust structures
  • properties for self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs).

Customer reviews

At Settle Easy, our customers are at the centre of everything we do and we have worked hard to understand what you need from us. 

Every day, we commit to delivering an online conveyancing service that is:

  • expert
  • simple
  • transparent
  • cost-effective.

Our online conveyancing platform is user-friendly and convenient. You don’t need to make an appointment or visit us in an office. 

We’ll make sure the person who looks after the transfer of your property is the person you get to speak to every time you call us. 

But don’t take our word for it, see our latest customer reviews and make up your own mind. 

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