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Is e-conveyancing safe and secure?

Is e-conveyancing safe and secure?

We know that your buying and selling journey probably started online. And we know  you’ve probably been doing your research into the property market using online tools to help you calculate things like stamp duty and mortgage repayments.  

Until recently, the final stage of your sale or purchase – the conveyancing part – was something that was almost completely paper-based. That’s because legal services are one of the last to move online.

Electronic conveyancing and e-settlements (or electronic settlements) now happen thousands of times a day around Australia. And old-fashioned property transactions involving mountains of paperwork, in person visits to your property lawyer, mortgage broker and real estate agent are a thing of the past. 

In the past few years, our industry has undergone a massive transformation and at Settle Easy, we take care of all your property law needs. We’ve moved everything  online. So you can access secure conveyancing where and when it suits you.

E Conveyancing is a real time saver and with our easy to use platform is much easier than ever.  

But with security dominating media headlines, you’re right to ask us how we’ll protect you when e-conveyancing in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.  

We’ve just been named the ‘Best Online Conveyancing Service in Australia’ at the APAC Legal Awards. This recognises the efforts we’ve made with the security measures we’ve taken to protect our customers and the A-grade legal advice we provide when it comes to property law. 

We know that buying or selling property is a big deal – it’s probably one of the biggest transactions you’ll ever make in your lifetime. That’s why we take our cyber security responsibilities so seriously.

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How do we make sure your conveyancing is secure?

When it comes to secure conveyancing, we keep your information, property and money safe in a range of different ways:

  1. We require a two factor (via SMS code) login authentication to access our platform
  2. We use two factor document signing authentication techniques
  3. We use human factor authentication 
  4. Sensitive data is encrypted in transmission and at rest 
  5. We don’t collect data that we don’t need
  6. We verify your identity using a secure third party.

We also protect our customers by inviting them to use PEXA Key. This is a secure app that removes the risk of email phishing, enabling you to provide your bank account details to your property conveyancer instantly and safely.

Where can we find your property transfer services?

The good thing about being an online conveyancing business is that we have local property conveyancers to help with conveyancing NSW, Queensland and Victoria.  

We offer the following services:

And we have property law experts to help you right across Australia’s eastern seaboard.

We can help answer all your property law questions

All our conveyancing customers have questions and we are only too happy to help. We can help you understand what a client authorisation form is all about, liaise with your financial institution, calculate stamp duty, explain the details of the PEXA authority form and reassure you that we are the best conveyancing team around and have full professional indemnity insurance.

We are often asked what is PEXA and how it works

The simple answer is that it stands for Property Exchange Australia and is an electronic tool that helps with secure property settlements. 

PEXA is important because it allows your licensed conveyancer to lodge documents with the land registry office and pay settlement funds at the same time. 

This method of transferring property from one person to another is a fast and accurate  way of completing your secure conveyancing transaction. 

There’s no doubt there are huge time savings and cost benefits of completing conveyancing online. 

For more information about the settlement process check out our speedy settlement blog here.

At Settle Easy, we’re making sure we protect your information, money and property every step of the way – nothing is more important to us.  

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