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Efficiency and ease – the future is here

Efficiency and ease – the future is here! At Settle Easy, we recognise that finding efficiencies in the process of buying or selling property and making things easier for customers along the way is the future of the whole property industry.

And, it’s the reason we are transforming conveyancing. For too long, in an Australian context, conveyancing lacked transparency and could be confusing and difficult to understand. Mistakes were common which were often costly and stressful and customer service was rarely a part of the equation.

In a similar vein, Effi (short for efficiency) was founded in 2020 to help improve the mortgage broking industry. As Effi’s Founder and CEO Mandeep Sodhi argues,

‘…while mortgage brokers remain the most preferred channel to get a home loan in Australia… the absence of (a) single, unified platform for managing client opportunities speaks volumes of why the ‘broken model’ for mortgage broking in Australia needs to change.’

Effi is a platform that brokers love to use as it helps them expertly manage borrower relationships and streamlines their day-to-day workflow – and of course, it simultaneously helps the customer experience and that’s a winning combination.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce this partnership with Effi, an end-to-end platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that streamlines and helps mortgage brokers leverage data to provide better solutions for their customers.

And when it comes to customer service, Effi doesn’t miss a beat. It has a higher-level customer support system than any other platform available. It delivers amazing follow-up and follow-through – every time.

At both Settle Easy and Effi, customers get the service and response level they want and need because of the combination of user-friendly technology and the customer-centric people that sit behind that technology.

For Settle Easy, this partnership establishes a clear path to successful expansion into NSW in early 2021 – from there, we set our sights nationally.

Quotes attributable to Settle Easy CEO, Sam Almaliki

‘We know that combining smart technology with a strong customer service focus is what our customers want – they’ve told us. This partnership feels like such a good fit and we look forward to bringing Settle Easy to even more people via this exciting new partnership with Effi.’

Quotes attributable to Effi Founder & CEO, Mandeep Sodhi

We like working with innovative businesses that solve common problems. At the front end, we help brokers reduce the amount of administration they have to do and find the best mortgage solutions possible for their customers. At the back end, Settle Easy takes the pain out of the conveyancing process. For us, partnering with Settle Easy is a win-win.’

Convenience and Ease Come Together - Settle Easy, Online Conveyancing

Convenience and ease come together

Convenience and ease come together – No matter what way you look at it, reaching your property goals takes time and dedication.

And whether you’re trying to sell the family home or an investment property, one of the things that will get you thinking is how you’re going to make prospective buyers sit up and take notice.

You might want to do some professional marketing or use an expert home styling service. This sometimes means you need to spend money to make money – it’s all about return on investment.

The problem is, these sorts of things need to be paid for up front, well before the property is sold. And sometimes, you just don’t have the cash to get the ball rolling.

That’s where Convini comes in. This Victorian-based business manages the upfront costs of selling homes, giving you the flexibility to pay these costs at the most convenient time which is typically from the proceeds of the sale.

Vendors can relax, knowing they can pay for these things later, once a property has reached its best possible sale price.

Settle Easy is delighted that this partnership will also give Convini’s customers access to Settle Easy expert conveyancing services and easy-to-use platform as part of their offering.

And this means we will be able to help more customers with the conveyancing side of their property transaction than ever before. We’ll walk Convini’s customers through this process and keep them updated in real time, every step of the way.

Making the property experience easier means we can give people the time and energy to focus on what matters most – leave the nitty gritty to us!

Quotes attributable to Settle Easy CEO, Sam Almaliki

‘Making the process of selling and buying property as easy as possible is at the core of everything we do. It’s so good to partner with Convini who understand that selling property often comes with upfront costs. Their customers can now access Settle Easy conveyancing as part of their offering and we can’t wait to help them settle easy.’

Quotes attributable to Convini Founder and Director, Cameron Owens

‘Convini’s AdFund product helps vendors by providing a cashflow solution for the up-front costs such as styling, home improvement and advertising associated with getting a property ready for sale. Settle Easy conveyancing is a welcome addition and a natural fit for AdFund and another way we are giving vendors the flexibility they want and need.’