Turning a passion into a career

We’re delighted to introduce Jelena from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs to our growing team of customer-friendly expert conveyancers.

After working in the law for the better part of a decade, Jelena decided to pursue her passion for property law and conveyancing by completing an advanced diploma in conveyancing at Melbourne’s RMIT.

Over many years, whenever Jelena’s family and friends bought or sold property, they would often come to her to better understand the process of buying and selling houses.

They knew she could help with expert property advice and would often ask her to explain what different parts of the contract meant and the implications of information contained in Section 32 statements. These are things Jelena knows all about, but she is acutely aware that not everyone knows or understands these important documents that are an everyday part of buying or selling property.

Today, these personal experiences are what inspires her to share her knowledge about buying and selling properties wherever she can for all her Settle Easy customers.

Conveyancing is associated with one of the biggest life-decisions we will ever make – buying or selling the family home. It’s too important not to understand what’s going on.

She also remembers exactly what it’s like to feel out of your depth as a first home buyer,

When we bought our first house, I wish I knew things back then that I know now!

Whether you are unsure about the steps involved in buying or selling a home, or whether you are a seasoned investor looking for a star conveyancer, you can trust us to get the job done right.

At Settle Easy, our conveyancers represent the diverse community in which they live and work. We are grateful that Jelena has also worked as a disability support worker. As she says,

It is a real privilege being allowed into someone else’s life.

Jelena’s broad work experience has certainly helped her become an expert communicator with enormous empathy. We expect our customers will warm to her from the get-go.

We are looking forward to working with you Jelena as we band together to help all our customers settle easy.

You too can be part of our growing conveyancing community. For more information, please visit our careers page.