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Settle Easy partners with caring local brokers

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Settle Easy partners with caring local brokers. There is no one size-fits-all solution in mortgage broking and every property transaction is also unique. It’s all about listening to people’s concerns, finding out about their situation — their hopes and dreams.

That’s what’s brought about this significant partnership between online conveyancing experts Settle Easy and mortgage broking specialists My Local Broker.

They have been working together to streamline the experience of people looking to buy or sell property and make the entire conveyancing process easier than ever before.

The legal process of transferring property from one owner to another sounds simple enough, but it’s highly technical and complex. Sometimes, things can and do go wrong, making the process incredibly time consuming and stressful.

That’s why Settle Easy has developed a reliable, affordable and easy to use platform that uses technology to solve the problems of traditional conveyancing. This secure platform enables greater transparency for customers who will have complete visibility of the process from beginning to end.

Like all businesses, the current coronavirus crisis has impacted mortgage brokers and their clients significantly. People are facing all sorts of financial challenges right now and are seeking clarity, guidance and reassurance.

Whilst the economy will bounce back, what concerns Settle Easy and My Local Broker right now are their customers and how they will get through.

As restrictions start to lift and the property market makes a comeback, Settle Easy and My Local Broker are poised to help their customers every way they can. Times have been tough enough, so when it comes to conveyancing, make sure you Settle Easy.

Quotes attributable to Settle Easy, CEO Sam Almaliki

‘By partnering with My Local Broker, we’re pulling out all stops to help people get back on their feet and to purchase their dream home.’

‘Our experienced conveyancing team combined with our advanced technology are changing the way Australians do conveyancing. The whole process is automated, secure and streamlined.’

Quotes attributable to Scott McTeare, CEO My Local Broker

‘What Settle Easy is doing with conveyancing is transformational. And anything that makes the process of buying or selling easier and helps our clients’ dreams come true has our endorsement.’

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