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Settle Easy making conveyancing easier for everyone. Since the Torrens system of land registration was first introduced in Australia during the late 1850s, the transfer of legal title of real estate from one person to another has been a pretty cumbersome and tricky process. But it is something anyone buying or selling property has to do.

But the nature of the beast is finally changing! Around the world, document digitisation has affected every aspect of the law and Settle Easy’s online conveyancing is no exception.

Not only have we come to accept smart tech as an everyday part of our lives, but we now expect it in everything we do.

This means that all aspects of conveyancing including taking instructions, contract reviews, conducting searches, identity verification, banking, the exchange of contracts, settlement and lodgement can now be done wherever you have access to an electronic device and good wi-fi!

And when this is embedded within secure and easy to use technology, alongside our genuine commitment to offering the industry’s best customer service, the whole process becomes more transparent, cost effective and easier.

That’s why the team at Settle Easy has developed a digital platform that streamlines and automates conveyancing which is great news for people buying or selling property, real estate agents and conveyancers doing the work at the back-end.

In practice, this means our customers:

  • can access our services 24/7
  • will always know what stage of the process they are at
  • receive a value-for-money service with no hidden extras
  • save time and frustration
  • will settle fast!

For real estate agents, our platform:

  • enhances their customers’ real estate experience
  • keeps all parties in the loop
  • reduces staff and customer frustrations
  • adds to brand value.

And for our expert community of conveyancers, among other things, Settle Easy will:

  • provide quality training and ongoing professional development
  • create a pipeline of work
  • free up time to focus on customer’s needs
  • connect a community of forward-thinking industry professionals
  • reduce costly mistakes
  • encourage telecommuting.

Right now, we know we are on the brink of transforming the conveyancing industry forever.

That’s why we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance our platform, our team and our partnerships in ways that will benefit all stakeholders. Through investment, partnerships and technological innovation, a new world order is closer than we think.

To find out more about us and what we are doing to make conveyancing easier for everyone, please call us on 1800 88 66 88 or send an email to

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