Parterning with Settle Easy: The industry's leading conveyancing platform

Partnering with Settle Easy

The industry’s trusted online conveyancer and your number one conveyancing solution.

After launching nationally earlier this year, Settle Easy the industry’s trusted online conveyancer made the property industry sit up and take notice of the way this proptech business has transformed property transactions.

At the front end, their smart, user-friendly platform has streamlined conveyancing – customers know exactly what stage of the conveyancing process they’re at and what they need to do next.

This online service is comprehensively supported by a community of highly trained, experienced lawyers and conveyancers who have extensive experience working in Australia’s cities and its regions. 

It’s a business that doesn’t just talk the talk– they really walk the talk, which is why 23  businesses across the property ecosystem have clamoured to partner-up with this service in just 18 months. 

Partner’s benefits include:

  • cost-effective, consistent and convenient conveyancing solutions with real-time updates
  • offering tangible value ads through it’s excellent conveyancing and customer service focus 
  • continuity of care with the allocation of one conveyancer for each referring business
  • shared revenue benefits.

The team at Settle Easy work closely with all new partners to provide:

  • a comprehensive onboarding process including activation toolkits and in-person training
  • online content including unique landing pages, editorials, social media content and other marketing materials
  • CRM integrations for seamless connectivity between business processes and outcomes for mutual benefit.

The real estate industry has been well-supported during difficult times by businesses that have invested in services that sit adjacent to our mainstream offerings. Businesses that offer online auctions and now online conveyancing are helping us and they’re here to stay.

If your business is interested in finding out more about Settle Easy’s services or a prospective partnership, please contact Beth Oleyar, Head of Marketing, on 0401 371 759 or via email at