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downsize with the best online conveyancers

Downsizers get expert care with Australia’s best online conveyancers

Downsizing at any stage of your life is a really big deal. While we might typically think of downsizers as older Australians, empty nesters or people at the end of their working life,   – people decide to downsize at all stages of their life for myriad reasons.

Individuals might want to move to a place with less maintenance, for personal or family reasons, for better financial security or greater independence. With this comes a whole lot of decisions that individuals need to make about:

  • where the new home should be located
  • how big it should be
  • how much it might cost
  • the type of dwelling that might best suit.

And all of this all depends on an individuals’ unique circumstances, the sort of lifestyle they want and their long term goals.

It’s why we’re so thrilled to be partnering with Homesuite whose mission is to make downsizing simple. They do this by connecting downsizers with professionals who can help with every part of the process. They’ll put you in touch with the top real estate agents, experts in decluttering, cleaning, packing, marketing, conveyancing and the best removalists and utility providers. When it comes to downsizing, Homesuite services are comprehensive and tailored for each individual.

We’re delighted that when it comes to conveyancing, Homesuite has chosen to partner with us. It’s our mission to help people with the legal parts of buying and selling property – and making conveyancing as easy as possible.

Most people know that property law can be complex, but at Settle Easy our easy to use online platform combined with our customer focused locally-based lawyers and conveyancers will make the job easier than it’s ever been.   

Our highly trained property law experts know the downsizing cohort well which really helps when it comes to knowing what tax exemptions or concessions will apply in the downsizing process.
We know downsizing is a big decision and we treat all our customers with care and respect – it’s part of why we place as much importance on customer care as we do on our professional conveyancing services.

We’re growing our online conveyancing business to become Australia’s number one choice for conveyancing, for first home buyers, investors, upsizers, downsizers and everyone in between. It’s our goal to help more Australians settle easy, and this partnership with Homesuite will help us do just that. So whether you are looking to downsize in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, on the Central Coast or even Townsville, and are looking for conveyancing services, we can help you settle easy.

Quotes attributable to Settle Easy CEO, Sam Almaliki

‘We’ve been privileged to help many Australians of all ages downsize to smaller properties. Our team of expert conveyancers and property lawyers take into account that this move can be a bit stressful and our customers might have mixed emotions about the move. Downsizing can mark a significant chapter in your life’s journey, but we’re here to guide you through the whole process with the very best conveyancing advice you need at this stage in your life.’

Quotes attributable to Homesuite CEO, David Giannane

‘Homesuite is delighted we’re now partnered with a conveyancing business who really cares about their customers. We began our service because we knew the process of downsizing could be disjointed and difficult. It’s the reason we’re so committed to partnering with businesses who are experts at what they do and who care about customer service as much as we do.‘


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