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Changemaker finds the right balance at Settle Easy!

Changemaker finds the right balance at Settle Easy. One of Settle Easy’s inaugural community members combines working from home with raising her two young girls and says she makes it work by being both disciplined and flexible.

Rebecca works hard to maintain the balance between work and family life which means that sometimes she completes her work either first thing in the morning or last thing at night and other times her day resembles more of a traditional work day — it’s a bit of a balance and this often suits her customers perfectly.

I’ve discovered that a lot of people actually like to be contacted outside of regular office hours because it doesn’t interrupt their own work.

Like many in our conveyancing community, Rebecca likes this work because she can raise her family and support others. As she says:

conveyancing is all about helping people with one of the most important decisions of their life. It’s so great to be able to explain this process which can be quite complicated.

And based on Rebecca’s glowing customer reviews and feedback, she really walks the talk. As Teresa from Northcote wrote:

Rebecca was professional and always ready to answer any question or concern. The online portal was easy to use and Rebecca’s knowledge and professionalism was faultless. Thank you so much for all your support.

There is no doubt that spending a lifetime working in the law is what makes Rebecca such a well-rounded conveyancer. At 16 years of age, she began as a receptionist and worked her way through various roles including legal secretary and law clerk before finding her happy place as a conveyancer.

I worked for a big firm where we did a lot of off the plan work – it’s a very busy process both initially and in the end stages. I find it really rewarding being part of a project from start to finish over a couple of years.

Rebecca is thrilled to be working with Settle Easy and is excited about growing with us.

Being part of this community and having someone to bounce ideas off is fantastic. It’s great being able to check in with other community members. Working from home can be isolating, but Settle Easy’s community brings us together and is a great source of information. There is a great family feel at Settle Easy —the management supports me as a parent and understands that I’m wearing lots of different hats. I feel supported and understood.

We are delighted to have Rebecca on board. You too can be part of our growing community.

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