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A Quick Guide on What is Conveyancing?

A Quick Guide on What is Conveyancing - Settle Easy

A Quick Guide on What is Conveyancing? Whenever you buy or sell property you need a few experts to help you get the job done. You might engage the services of a real estate agent, a building inspector, mortgage broker and a removalist. 

But what you’ll always need is a property law expert (known as a conveyancer), someone who can guide you through the legal matters associated with buying and selling your home.

Conveyancing is the final piece in the very big puzzle of buying and selling a home. It’s the process of moving the legal ownership of property or land from one person to another and is a transaction that all buyers and sellers must complete. 


Different stages of conveyancing 

At Settle Easy, we have a strong team of experienced property lawyers and licensed conveyancers who can guide you through every stage of buying and selling property from the pre-contract and contract stage right through to settlement and post settlement stage.   

Our specialists can answer any questions you might have about conveyancing in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, because that’s where we do all our work. 

The good news is that as an award winning online conveyancing business, you don’t have to complete mountains of legal documents or take time out of your day to visit a conveyancing solicitor to get the legal advice you need to complete your property journey. 

We have a really easy to use online platform where you can access our legal services and engage with our Australian-based team who are ready to help you whenever you need us. 

Once you register to use our platform, we’ll collect some information from you to get started and undertake the necessary legal work to transfer your property. We’ll even liaise with your lenders and real estate agents so you don’t have to. This will save you time and stress. 


Your conveyancing questions answered

We can answer all your questions, whether they are really technical or general. We work hard to make the process as simple and stress free as possible.  We always use easy to understand language (no legal jargon) to communicate with you and explain anything you’re unsure about including:

  • The cooling off period
  • What a strata title and legal title are
  • How much our conveyancing fees are and how they’re calculated 
  • How long it takes to prepare a Contract of Sale and what happens when contracts are issued 
  • How much will I pay in stamp duties
  • What joint tenants and tenants in common means 
  • What’s involved in the exchange of contracts
  • What happens during each different stage of conveyancing 
  • Who has to pay for conveyancing fees 
  • What happens on the day of settlement. 

This list of frequently asked questions is, of course, just the beginning and you may want to have a look at what other questions our customers frequently ask us about. 


How much is conveyancing?

Whether you have bought or sold property, we want our customers to know exactly what their conveyancing fees will be before they choose us. 

Before we get the ball rolling, we provide all our customers with a free no-obligation quote because we know that buying and selling property is expensive and we expect you’ll be budgeting for every last dollar. 

It’s fair enough that you ask us ‘how much is conveyancing in NSW, QLD and Victoria’ before you decide to engage our services.  


Cheap conveyancing services 

Rest assured our conveyancing fees are always affordable, the only difference in the final amount you’ll have to pay depends on the type of property you have bought or sold and where it’s located.

That’s because what happens during conveyancing transactions is slightly different for everyone. 

For residential properties we need to complete property searches to give us a complete picture of the property we are transferring from one person to another. We must conduct these searches so your property is transferred according to property law in your state. 

These searches vary from state to state and might include things like:

  • Council and water rates searches
  • Planning and heritage searches
  • Title and encumbrance searches
  • Water meter readings
  • Road authority certificates
  • Land tax clearance certificates
  • Environment Protection Authority (EPA) certificates
  • Owner’s corporation/body corporate/strata title certificates.

We never order any unnecessary certificates or searches so you won’t be charged for anything you don’t need. 

If you are looking for conveyancing services that make the final stages of buying and selling easy, we’d love to help. Why not contact our friendly team today on 1800 88 66 88. 

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