Settle Easy

About us

Our team has worked in the law, technology, higher education and in many roles across the private and public sectors. It’s where we’ve learned to ask questions, solve problems, think creatively, work together and listen to others.

Some of us have mortgages whilst others are renting and saving for a deposit. Others have bought and sold family homes, apartments, units and land. We have lived our lives in some of these properties whilst others are bricks and mortar investments.

Our experiences are all very different, but we all agree that the decision to buy or sell property is a big deal.

And although the process of transferring property from one owner to another sounds simple, it’s highly technical, complex and it can be emotional.

We started Settle Easy because we found conveyancing outdated, difficult, time-consuming, costly and stressful.

By combining technology and simplifying the entire process, we’re bringing conveyancing into the 21st century and making it as easy, effective and efficient as possible—for everyone.

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. You can use Settle Easy whenever it suits you. We’ll keep you updated at every stage of your transaction and importantly, for a fixed fee, we’ll get you settled—fast.

Settle Easy is for anyone buying or selling property and it’s where you’ll find Australia’s best conveyancers.