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  • How much does it cost?

    Whether you are buying or selling, each conveyancing transaction will cost $1,100 (including GST) plus out of pocket expenses.Out of pocket expenses relate specifically to your property and are things we need to know in order to complete your conveyancing transaction.

  • When do I need a conveyancer?

    Once you have decided to buy or sell real estate and BEFORE you sign anything, you need a conveyancer. They will explain everything you need to know.

  • What is a conveyancer?

    A conveyancer is a property transfer specialist. They prepare the legal documents that form part of real estate transactions such as the purchase and sale of properties, settlements and title transfers.

  • What is the conveyancing?

    Conveyancing is the process of moving the legal ownership of property or land from one person or entity to another.

  • Can I still buy or sell property during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Although there have been some changes to the way in which you can buy or sell property during this pandemic, we would like to reassure our customers that working online is in our DNA, so at Settle Easy, it's business as usual. There is no need for you to leave the comfort and safety of your home to complete your conveyancing transaction' our expert conveyancers are online and ready to help 24/7. We encourage all our customers to allow a little extra time to complete their settlements at this time as finance, removalists and other services might take a bit longer to organise.

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  • What is a Section 32 Vendor Statement?

    This document is known as either a Section 32 or a vendor’s statement. It is an important document prepared by your conveyancer that discloses to the buyer information relevant to the property being sold. This must include information such as restrictions on the use of land, covenants, easements and outgoings such as rates and any other notices known by the seller. This document must be shared with any prospective buyer before a contract is signed.

  • What is a statement of adjustment?

    This is a document which sets out the calculations of outgoings such as rates, fees and levies that will need to be adjusted at settlement to ensure that:

    • the seller only pays the necessary portion up to the date of settlement
    • the buyer only starts paying outgoings from the date of settlement.

  • What are Land Victoria registration fees?

    These are fees charged by the Land Titles Office on documents such as the Transfer of Land, Mortgage of Land and Discharge of Mortgage. There are no reductions, concessions or exemptions available on registration fees.

  • What are third party expenses?

    These include:

    • stamp duty
    • Land Victoria registration fees
    • Adjustments
    • Verification of Identity (VOI) fees
    • Optional extras such as title insurance and caveat registration fees.

  • What type of conveyancer can Settle Easy do?

    Retirement villages, commercial property, trust, SMSF etc.