What is a Section 32 Vendor Statement?

This document is known as either a Section 32 or a vendor’s statement. It is an important document prepared by your conveyancer that discloses to the buyer information relevant to the property being sold. This […]

What is a statement of adjustment?

This is a document which sets out the calculations of outgoings such as rates, fees and levies that will need to be adjusted at settlement to ensure that: the seller only pays the necessary portion […]

What are Land Victoria registration fees?

These are fees charged by the Land Titles Office on documents such as the Transfer of Land, Mortgage of Land and Discharge of Mortgage. There are no reductions, concessions or exemptions available on registration fees.

What are third party expenses?

These include: stamp duty Land Victoria registration fees Adjustments Verification of Identity (VOI) fees Optional extras such as title insurance and caveat registration fees.

Tell me more about third party expenses.

Stamp duty; Land Victoria registration fees; adjustments; verification of identity; and anything additional/optional such as title insurance, caveat registration fees etc.

What is a Caveat?

In conveyancing, this is a legal record noting someone’s interest in the property. This restricts dealings with the title until the caveat is resolved by the party with the registered interest.

What is the 32 Statement?

This is also called a vendor’s statement and it is prepared by your conveyancer. This document discloses to the buyer information relevant to the property being sold. This must include information on restrictions of use […]

Who attends settlement?

All Settle Easy conveyancing transactions are settled electronically in an online environment. Your conveyancer will liaise with all parties involved and advise you when settlement is complete.